Prayer Requests

We believe in the power of God released in response to faith and prayer.  We would love to pray for you.  Please share what is on your heart.  

Guidelines for prayer request.

1. We do not take "unspoken requests".  However you can decide who sees and prays for your request.  You may limit it to the Elders and immediate prayer leaders, have it sent to the church prayer list or ask that it be distributed widely on as many prayer chains as possible.

2. Please be sensitive about sharing personal details when you ask for prayer concerning others.  

3. You may ask for contact with one of our pastors for counsel. 

Your prayer request is received by our Prayer Request Team who will pray on your behalf for the next 30 days.   Please indicate if you desire anyone to contact you and leave us an E-mail address or a phone number to call you.

Please know that God loves you and wants to work in your life.
Many blessings to you,

Our Prayer Request Team

Submit your prayer requests to us via private message via social media at Christ's Church Facebook Page or by text message to 417-321-6254.