Our Leadership Team

Robert Fox

Robert holds a Masters Degree in Pastoral Theology.  He served for 14 years in a pastoral position with Maranatha Christian Fellowship, in Nevada, MO as well as functioning in interim pastoral positions for several Churches. He met the Lord through a dramatic experience on a gravel road in Oct. 1978 which left no doubts that Jesus Christ was truly the Son of God and the only way to eternal life. Robert has a unique ability to communicate the gospel of Jesus Christ in simple ways that impact the day to day life of the believer while sharing the heart of an evangelist for the seeker who desires to know Christ. Robert’s specialty has been in ministry development; coaching and equipping believers to find their style of evangelism and ministering through outreach events.  Robert and his wife Denise have two children, Nathan and Joyce.

Steve Highlander
Steve and his wife Brooke are currently serving on the mission field in Papua New Guinea,  Steve remains on the Eldership team and serves on the apostolic counsel of the church.  Steve holds  a Doctorate in Pastoral Theology from Faith Bible College in Independence, MO, and is a Certified Christian Counselor with the Association of Scriptural Psychology Therapists.  His passion is the second reformation of the church and helping Christians discover New Testament principles of faith and practice.  Steve's wife Brooke, who earned a doctorate in Scriptural Psychology from Faith Bible College, is also a  Certified Christian Counselor and a worship leader.  They have five children and 10 grandchildren.

Lynn Schmidt

Lynn has a pastor's heart to see Christians established in foundational New Testament truth and learn how to apply  that truth to their lives.  Lynn served as an Elder at Rhinehart Christian Church near Nevada, MO before becoming one of the founding Elders at Christ's Church.  Lynn teaches the Adult Bible class and shares preaching duties with the other Elders.  Lynn and His wife Ellen, who serves as hospitality coordinator, have 2 children and 2 grandchildren.