How Are We Different

Christ's Church of Nevada is Different on Purpose.  That means there are concrete reasons why we do what we do.  You might be thinking that "different" means a different gospel message or that we do not follow historic Christian doctrine.  This is not so.  We believe the foundational doctrines of the early church and agree with the ancient creeds.  We are different in the WAY we approach the concept of church.  

The Bible teaches a Biblical Eldership rather than a single pastor system of church government and leadership.  In the Bible Elders always governed the church and they were always a plurality.  Nowhere in the Bible do you find a single Pastor being addressed as the head of the church.  That doesn't mean we don't believe in Pastors, we just define them differently.  In Acts 20, Paul sent for the Elders (GR: Presbytery) of the Church, called them Bishops (GR: Episcopates or overseers) and charged them to feed (GR: Pastor/Shepherd) the flock of God.  Rather than a top down system of government we find the same group of men being addressed by all three terms at the exact same time.  These designations relate more to function than office or title.  Our elders do not get paid to lead the church.  They do so out of a sense of calling and servanthood.

House Church that Facilitates Large Group Celebrations - The 20/20 Vision

In Acts 20:20 Paul told the Elders from Ephesis that he had, "taught them publicly and from house to house."  We see this as the 20/20 or "perfect vision" of practicing Church.  We place as much importance on the small group meetings as we do on the Sunday morning congregational meeting.   How is this different from other churches that have small group ministries, you might ask?  Traditional churches with small group ministries still emphasize the main services and the other programs as the focal point of the church.  House Churches do not see success as getting more people in one room, but rather the spiritual growth of individuals. Christ's Church sees this move to less structured house church meetings as one key to what God is doing in the last days. 

Simple Church:  

The simple Church concept seeks to put more emphasis on the people rather than the organization. To this end we de-emphasize the organization as much as possible.  We have often said, the structure of the church is like the skeleton of the body.  It gives definition and movement, but if you see it there is a problem.  Likewise, we do not want to become building centric, rather choosing to emphasize the everyday reality of the church outside the four walls of the building.

Our Gatherings

Our gatherings are less formal and structured then most churches.  We do this on purpose.  We believe that the whole concept of the formal service CAN hinder the moving of the Holy Spirit and actually impede spiritual growth.  We meet in a cafe style setting on Sunday Morning and in various house church meetings through the week.   On Sunday mornings we serve breakfast, have worship, prayer, body ministry and a time of Bible teaching.  By meeting in a non-traditional setting (around tables rather than chairs or pews facing front) we hope to faciliate interaction and break the traditional mindset that Sunday Morning is somehow different than the rest of daily Christian lives.

Body Ministry

We are committed to "Body Ministry."  Body ministry recognizes the priesthood and spiritual gifts of all believers and breaks down the clergy/laity concept so prominent in church today.  The professional clergy vrs. the "regular people" concept tends to limit the involement of the congregation in the actual ministry of the church.  Paul uses the Term "Body of Christ" to mean all believers in Christ.  God's intent was for all believers to have a part in ministering to one another.  At Christ's Church we encourage the congregation to become involved by taking part in the gatherings, praying for one another and finding and fulfilling their unique place and giftings in the Body of Christ.  At any given gathering several members may share brief insights from scripture, spiritual gifts, testimonies, songs, or other things as the Spirit of God leads.