Emmaus Road Academy

Emmaus Road Academy is a school of ministry designed to be casual and interactive.  Anyone seeking to learn to serve God or serve God better is invited to attend.  Please contact Steve Highlander by using the How to Reach Us link on the left.
Current Course being offered
Developing Personal Ministry
NOTE: Weekly Study Guide notes can be viewed or downloaded below.
Tentative Weekly Course Outline

1.       The Emmaus Road Experience and Finding your place in the Great Commission:  Evangelism and discipleship

2.       The Essence of ministry

a.       Called to serve

b.      Equipped to serve

c.       Sent

d.      Appointed to fruitfulness

e.      Team ministry - Authority and accountability

3.       The basics of ministry

a.       Define ministry

b.      The purpose of ministry

c.       Who are we serving?

d.      The motivation of ministry – it’s not about you – The Jesus came to serve, not be served.

e.      Attitudes – Grace,  Mercy, love, forgiveness – it is not about controlling people

f.        Dealing with offence

g.       Finding your place in ministry

h.      Understanding Submission and Authority in connection with Ministry

i.         Ministerial Ethics

                                                               i.      Character – fruit of the Spirit

                                                             ii.      Confidentiality

                                                            iii.      Ministering to the opposite sex

4.       Understanding the Body of Christ

a.       The Reality of the Body of Christ

b.      The Body in relation to the Gifts of the Spirit

                                                               i.      Romans 12 – Motivational Gifts

                                                             ii.      Ephesians 4 – 5 Fold Ministry Gifts

                                                            iii.      I Corinthians 12 – 9 Gifts of the Spirit

5.       The Baptism of the Holy Spirit and the use of Spiritual gifts in personal ministry

6.       Cooperating with the Holy Spirit in Ministry: Introduction to prayer, healing, deliverance and the laying on of hands

a.       The ministry of the Holy Spirit to you

b.      The ministry of the Holy Spirit through you

Steve Highlander,
Jun 14, 2011, 8:52 PM